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CTA-Teacher's Responsibilities


Teachers should commit to teaching till the end of the school year (Sep to May). For some unforeseen reasons, if a teacher has to quit, he or she will notify the Selvi Rajamanickam at least 2 weeks ahead of the time of quitting.

Vacation / Unable to attend:

Teachers will come to school on every working day of the school.
If there is a planned vacation, the Branch Principal has to be notified ahead of time (as soon as the vacation plans are finalized).
If the teacher cannot come to school on a certain Sunday due to unexpected reasons or sickness, the Administrative Office has to be notified (408-741-0612) before 9:00 AM on that Sunday.


Teachers will come to school on time and be a positive role model for the students in observing punctuality.
Teachers will teach the students until the class ends at 11:15 AM. If the teacher has to leave early due to some unavoidable reasons, he or she will contact the Selvi Rajamanickam, so a substitute teacher can be arranged for the remaining time.

Teacher's Log:

On every working day, the teachers will go to the Administrative Office to sign-up to receive the Teacher's Log before going to the classroom. The teacher will record the specifics in the log on each working day. At the end of the class, the teachers will return the Log to the Administrative Office.

School Rules:

Teachers will be aware of the School Rules and Regulations and will abide by them explicitly. Teachers will also be aware of the duties of other Officers and other Contact Persons and will follow them accordingly.

If there are questions from the parents or students about the school, the teacher will receive the questions in a polite manner and direct them to the appropriate Contact Person. If the teacher does not know whom to contact, he or she will notify the Selvi Rajamanickam about the inquiry.

The teacher will NOT talk about or give out any non-public information about the school, administration or any personal information about other students to any parents. The teacher will refer the parent to the Administrative Office.


Teachers will attend all 3 staff meetings to express their issues and concerns and listen to the suggestions of other teachers and the Board. Teachers will notify the issues ahead of the meeting.


The teacher will follow the planned syllabus and will teach the appropriate skills proposed by the syllabus committee for that grade level. Teachers are welcome to teach outside the syllabus, appropriately, after they complete the planned syllabus and the skills at the given time.

Test Question Papers:

It is the teacher's responsibility to make the Quiz/Test Question papers and Final Exam model and final exam question papers for his/her class on time and to give it to the Officer that collects the Question papers.

Student Discipline:

The teacher will deal with the student-related issues in a positive way and encourage them to give their best efforts to learn Tamil.